What We Do

Getting access to basic financial services can be a real struggle for families living in poverty. Most of our women are unable to open a bank account, and few could ever hope to have a sum of money to invest in business or to save for the future. 

When a woman becomes a partner with WFA, she has the opportunity to participate in a short business course that teaches principles of stewardship and basic money management. Afterwards, she can apply for a small business loan. We interview each woman and come alongside her as she makes plans for how she is going to grow her loan money. As she starts this journey, she will meet regularly with several other partners for encouragement and accountability.

WFA currently has several gifted women working as liaisons – these are Kenyan women who oversee the small groups and provide discipleship and mentoring. They help lead ongoing entrepreneurial training. By graciously giving of their time and energy they make this ministry possible!

Our goal is to help women find their own path to providing for their families in a sustainable way. Here are a few examples of the businesses they are pursuing:

Raising chickens or other livestock

Selling food or produce in the market

Small scale farming