Virginia is an elderly single woman who lives alone. She has major health issues but still works very hard despite these challenges. “She only owns an eighth (⅛)  of an acre of land but how she has utilized her little space leaves me amazed,” says Rose Mugwe (WFA Board member). On this tiny property, sheContinue reading Virginia


In December 2020, Rose Mugwe (WFA Board member) went to Nakuru, Kenya, to visit the women that had received loans from WFA. Rhoda is one of those women and this is her testimony: Rhoda is a married, hard-working Christian woman and mother of three. She keeps chicken and has three (3) dairy cows. In MarchContinue reading Rhoda


Mary is a single mother of one, who lost both parents in 2005 and 2007. She was the third of four girls. The older two sisters were married before their parents’ deaths. Mary was left to care for her youngest sister. Continue reading MARY


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