Virginia is an elderly single woman who lives alone. She has major health issues but still works very hard despite these challenges. “She only owns an eighth (⅛)  of an acre of land but how she has utilized her little space leaves me amazed,” says Rose Mugwe (WFA Board member). On this tiny property, she grows crops including vegetables, some of which she keeps for herself. The rest she gives away and/or sells at her kiosk that is on the same property. Some of  the produce she grows were seeds that she received from WFA in March.

Virginia’s business plan was to purchase inventory for her kiosk. So, after receiving her loan of Kshs. 10,000 (USD 100), she went to the market to put her plan into action. Unfortunately, a good chunk of this loan money (Kshs. 7,000**) was stolen. Consequently, she had no money to stock her kiosk as planned. Despite this huge financial set-back coupled with her poor health, Virginia decided she could not afford to lose hope. She kept going and kept her kiosk open for business. Virginia continues to battle with her poor health and is now  no longer able to go to the market. So she collaborates with her neighbors who bring her all the things she needs from the market or wholesale stores. Rose Mugwe visited Virginia and noted, “You would not know that she doesn’t leave home because even though her kiosk isn’t as  well stocked as she would like it to be, she still somehow manages to keep it running”.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia exercised her faith and extended her kiosk believing that God will provide money for her to buy and stock dry cereals. God answered her prayers and rewarded her with Kshs. 5,000 (USD 50) stimulus money. Needless to say, Virginia’s kiosk is not the only thing that was extended. 

** Kshs 7,000= USD 70

Because you faithfully give, Virginia’s kiosk is extended and her faith continues to be extended! God bless you and like Virginia, extend your faith.

Published by Women of Faith Alliance

A non-profit based out of Downingtown PA that serves women in Kenya by providing micro loans and other services to assist the women.

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