Self sufficient women!!


It has become very important for the success of the Women of Faith Alliance endeavor for the women in Kenya to become more self sufficient.  Rose decided to share with the women in a meeting what she had in mind. In past trips she had always brought along a supply of LuoPads for distribution that friends and volunteers of Gain and WFA in America had assembled for the women.  This trip Rose brought along ready-cut LuoPad kits from Gain. Jemima had gathered some women who were willing to make them and their finished product was impressive! They were given the wooden patterns and discussed with each other where they could get the raw materials to make their own.  Even though plastic snaps were something that weren’t found, the women decided to use the metal sew-on snaps that they had.  Elizabeth, one of these partners, enjoyed making them and said that customers were asking if she made enough for them to buy. To show the hearts of these women, one even suggested that they make LuoPads to give  to the female inmates.  This development is very exciting.   Do you have some ideas for small businesses these women might feel called to?  Send a message to Rose and share your thoughts.

Another exciting development with these business-minded women was the way they took to setting up savings accounts. Thank you Lord! Watch for that development in the next Journal entry.  

Published by Women of Faith Alliance

A non-profit based out of Downingtown PA that serves women in Kenya by providing micro loans and other services to assist the women.

One thought on “Self sufficient women!!

  1. This is so exciting. From helping to make the pads here in the States yo hearing of the women receiving them on the other side to the women making the pads themselves…. full circle. My heart is smiling and praising!

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