Rose is faced with challenges and victories – day two.

After a good night’s sleep, Rose couldn’t wait to meet with her liaisons.  Her first  meetings for the day began with the reports of the three liaisons, Jemima, Mary Njogu, and Mary Kagunda.  A lot of responsibility for the success of the WFA mission of giving loans of hope rests on the shoulders of these liaisons and their ability to unite, encourage and have meetings with their partners. The women who have received loans and training in business have all signed promises to repay their initial loans and attend regular meetings. Six of the partners had paid their loans in full and were patiently waiting to receive their next loans.  Rose held a meeting inviting them and 4 new partners newly trained who all received their loans for 2019.

Jemima reported no problem with meetings and her partners were honoring their scheduled loan repayments.

Mary Njogu’s partners were struggling with attending regular meetings but some paid up their balances when they heard Rose was coming.

Mary Kagunda got new partners to replenish the groups to five partners each   

Rose held another meeting where she invited the partners who had received loans but hadn’t honored their pledges.  Rose reminded them of the forms they had signed years ago and told them what was expected of them. The partners were remorseful and admitted that they had neglected going to the meetings where they would have been held accountable and receive encouragement from others. The rest of the day ended with great worship, singing songs and sharing.  One woman said that she will be a guest of honor at a fundraiser that will be held to raise money for the High School fees for the two children of Beatrice, a widow and partner of WFA. This testimony moved Beatrice to tears as she couldn’t stop sobbing and praising God.

We praise God along with Beatrice and Rose as we get a taste of the spiritual and emotional transformation that is going on through Women of Faith.  It’s so much more than just loans and business transactions. It’s hope through Christ in a life changing way.

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An avid supporter of any noble cause that brings hope to otherwise hopeless situations. With God all things are possible.

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