Rose’s trip to Kenya, 2019

Main house from the gate 2

Rose made a return trip to Kenya on January 6, 2019 to encourage, train and bless her leaders and partners in the ministry over there. She traveled the 19 hours with the Spirit as her travel companion, arriving late at night on January 6.  Her family and driver let her sleep the rest of the night hours with them and then traveled the trip to the WFA house in the morning. Jemima, one of the 3 liaisons, had prepared for Rose’s arrival and had the house all clean and everything in place.  What a blessing this house/office  has been to WFA, serving as sleeping quarters for guests, an apartment for property caretakers, an office and a large room that serves for classes and meetings. After a whirlwind day of meeting with the leaders, Rose happily closed her eyes to sleep in “the WFA house” with a prayer of thanksgiving to God, her protector, provider and reason for living. 


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I am a paradox. I am a deep thinker who loves to smile and make others smile. I adore my family and their families. I am a Realtor in rural Pennsylvania for a wonderful company of Keller Williams, part owner of two Market Centers, and am a passionate teacher/coach of agents just starting out in the business. Created a program called Catalyst to Success to help keep me and my students in some semblence of order and accountability. Love gardening, things that bloom in general, reading good books and studying them too...books like the Bible and periodicals like World Magazine.

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